Can I opt-out of the program? If I'm currently opted-out, can I get back in?

Yes, you may opt-out. If you choose to opt-out, you will receive a credit on your account of $10 per credit hour (up to 15 hours.) For example, if you are enrolled in one 3-hour course, you will receive a $30 credit; if enrolled for 11 hours, you will receive a $110 credit; if enrolled in 15 hours or more, you will receive a $150 credit. The credit maxes out at $150.


The deadline for non-traditional undergraduate and ABSN students enrolled in both 7A and 7B courses is 14 days before the 7A session begins. If you are enrolled in 7B courses only, the deadline is 14 days before the 7B session begins.


To opt-out of the Trojan Textbook Program, please email Opt-Out credits will be applied to all eligible student accounts after the add/drop period for 7B has passed.


When you are opted-out, it is only applicable for the current semester. You must opt-out each semester; this means if you change your mind and decide you want to participate, you are automatically enrolled next semester!